Emily Stein Photographs the Kids These Days

 - Jul 14, 2014
References: emilystein & itsnicethat
Emily Stein returned to the days of her adolescence when she embarked on her latest project: mosh pit photography.

The mosh pit is a ritual that most of us have experienced in our youth. It's practically a rite of passage: you enter a child, emerge an adolescent. Of course, much like your first kiss and other similar rites of passages, it's not particularly glamorous. Instead, it can be a little awkward, sweaty and strange. However, you can bet that it will make a great memory; one that you'll recall fondly in the weeks, months and years to come.

Stein musters all her courage and dives back into this mythical mosh pit ritual, capturing these kids as they lose themselves in the music. Much like the kids, each photo is bereft of inhibitions.