Emanuele Dascanio Creates Breathtakingly Realistic Work

 - Aug 23, 2013
References: facebook & enpundit
Artist Emanuele Dascanio has managed to create drawings that look so real, they require a second viewing.

He has composed pictures representing different subjects from humans to fruits. Dascanio's innate ability to accurately represent his subject is what makes this series truly amazing.

The focus picture, which features his father, has exquisite detail. Every wrinkle and natural shadow that would have fallen onto his face is accounted for. In the picture of the watermelon, it appears as though you should be able to reach out and touch the texture inside the fruit. Whether it be in black and white or colored drawings, this series is unforgettable.

There is not doubt that Emanuele Dascanio has an incredible talent, and his ability to accurately represent whatever he is drawing attests to how amazing of an artist he is.