The Elisabeth Thorsen Shoe Art Exhibition is Unsually Adorable

 - Feb 13, 2014
References: madebybetty & madebybetty
The Elisabeth Thorsen Shoe Art Exhibition, held in Fredrikstand Norway, looks like a collection straight out of Lady Gaga’s closet. Elisabeth Thorsen is a Norwegian shoemaker and artist who is known for her beautifully expressive high heels. Her 2014 collection features seven distinctly different pairs of shoes which are works of art. Her shoes aren’t merely made for convention or function; they have been created as art works.

The fascinating shoe designs incorporate materials and fabrics that aren’t traditionally used to make shoes, such as carpet fabric and carved wood. The chestnut colored hand carved wooden shoes are adorably cheeky and Russian fairytale inspired. Many of the wooden heels are carved by hand into curvy abstract silhouette shapes.

Elisabeth has taken an archeological approach to the designs by incorporating individual garments. The carpeted heel melds together pieces of carpet fabric and a wooden chair’s foot. A carpet and a wood chair have essentially come together to produce a high-heeled shoe! The high-heeled shoes are a real work of art.