Elf Sex Book Tells Icelanders How to Find Pleasure in Pointy-Eared Creatures

 - Mar 24, 2010
References: elftruths.blogspot & vicemag.tumblr
It's no wonder that Iceland is the fourth happiest country in the world—the Icelandic people are having great sex. However, with such a low density population, it can be difficult to find other humans to do the deed with. Luckily there’s a supernaturally satisfying alternative: elf sex.

Most Icelanders believe in elves, or at least won’t deny their existence. Hallgerdur Hallgrímsdóttir from Reykjavík, knows all about the elf population. She is a self proclaimed elf sexpert who has written an elf sex book that describes her own encounters and magically orgasmic experiences with elves. Maybe we should all make a trip to Iceland—for the scenery.

Watch the video about the elf sex book here.