Artists are Expressing Their Stance on America's 45th President

 - Nov 10, 2016
References: dezeen
Now that the U.S.A. has finally chosen a leader after a nail-biting race to 270 and likely the most controversial campaign period in contemporary history, many are taking to social media to share post-election illustrations to convey their feelings on it all.

Given that much of mainstream media didn't expect the Republican candidate to prove successful against Hillary Clinton, the backlash following the announcement of his win has been rather immense. In order to convey what they believe this unconventional choice means for the nation, artists have have presented a diverse range of images that represent the current state of affairs.

In one post-election illustration, artist Matt Blease adjusted the slogan Trump famously printed on hats to say "Make America vote again?" In another, a terrified Statue of Liberty is shown waking up to the news.