Podio's Chart is Opposed to Notion of the Eight Hour Work Day

 - Aug 15, 2015
References: podio & designtaxi
This infographic breaks down the concept of the eight hour work day. Created by Podio, 'Do We Have To Work 8 Hours Per Day?' examines where the idea came from, why it does not work and the best pattern for working.

The eight hour work day was established in 1926 by Henry Ford as a response to horrible working conditions during the British Industrial Revolution and the work of reformist Robert Owen. While it increased productivity and profit margins at the time, the schedule no longer works with modern lifestyles and practices. Employees are encouraged to be busy (which isn't the same as productive), leading to a cycle of exhaustion, poor engagement, reduced productivity, stress and frustration.

The infographic offers several solutions so you can work smarter.