Eeva Lithovius Helps You Stay Organized With Chic Makeshift Shelves

 - Jan 6, 2012
References: & dornob
These exceedingly handy makeshift shelves are the work of designer Eeva Lithovius. These darling modular fold-down shelves provide any pad with a little extra storage space wherever you need it. The on-demand ledges provide the perfect place to set a new addition to your home before a proper place can be allotted or the ideal stage for your favorite show pieces.

Eeva Lithovius looks at shelves as a "chaos meter." Once they become too crowded, you know you either have to update your shelving unit or bid farewell to a few knick knacks. With these stylish fold-down shelves, you can find a little extra space when your dwelling is at capacity and you lack the time to get organized. Once the space crisis is adverted, you can easily fold the now-empty shelves up and out of the way.

The ultimate organizational solution for those who own small spaces and a whole lot of stuff, this shelving unit is truly designed for the way people actually live.