Eduardo Salles' Series of Illustrations are Both Cynical and Comedic

 - Dec 3, 2013
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Mexico City-based illustrator Eduardo Salles is a man of many trades and recently added to his success by releasing his newest collection of illustrations tilted Cynicism Ilustrado -- Epsiritu de los cinicos, which translates to 'Cynical Illustrations.'

Among being a talented artist, Salles is an advertiser, designer, and writer. He has won many awards in each field and continues to shine in all of crafts, but it's his newest project that is capturing all the buzz. Eduardo Salles' newest line of brightly colored and comical illustrations are inspired by the social and economical conditions of today. These outstanding creations profess a bold message all the while coming of as lighthearted and playful banter. The bitter cynicism featured in this art work is a humorous play on real-life situations.