This Modeling Clay Tastes as Good as it Looks

 - Nov 14, 2013
References: amav & amazon
Israeli-based leading manufacturer of arts and crafts, Amav Industries has recently revamped the entire notion of modeling clay with its edible play-dough. Scientists have introduced an edible play-dough that is appetizing and tastes delicious all at the same time. This particular innovation is a work of genius, as kids (and some adults) have a tendency to try to eat almost everything.

The set comes with a whole range of dessert-making equipment. There is no baking involved; you simply create, decorate and enjoy. From soft serve machines and candy strings, to Popsicle makers and cupcake holders, these delectable treats will keep your fingers clean and most importantly, they won't melt and won't make a mess. Children will be ecstatic to find out they can eat their edible and tasty dough creations, parents everywhere can now take a deep breath and rejoice over the fact that they are no longer obliged to wrench modeling clay from children's mouths ever again.