These Decorative Sprinkles are Made from Edible Gold Powder

 - Nov 27, 2015
References: verdecoffee & zuma-beverages
'Zuma' recently began selling a coffee topper made from edible gold powder. For many consumers, making specialty coffee drinks at home is an inexpensive alternative to purchasing them at their local coffee shop. These decorative sprinkles provide a beautiful way to enhance homemade coffee drinks.

The new 'Gold Dust Sprinkles' is a custom coffee topper made from sugar, cocoa and edible gold powder. When the sprinkles come in contact with water, they give off a beautiful sheen that resembles real gold. The sprinkles can be used to dust the rim of a cup or layered on top of whipped cream to create golden swirls throughout. The golden sprinkles come in 300g shakers, which means customers can use them for making a number of different drinks.

With the holiday season in full swing, the edible gold sprinkles provide a unique and luxurious way for consumers to give homemade beverages an extra special touch.