The Eco Reminder Wall Stickers Pester Users About Bad Habits

 - Oct 22, 2011
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It's all too easy to forgot about individual contribution to the environmental and energy crises, but now you'll be constantly pestered throughout the day by these Eco-Reminder Wall Stickers.

Some are quirky, some chastising and some simply include friendly reminders, but all of the Eco-Reminder Wall Stickers intend to bring the issues of energy consumption into focus. Americans, despite only accounting for approximately 5% of the planet's population, are responsible for consuming a quarter of the world's energy, and with statistics like that in your face, it's difficult to ignore the problem. Pushing the eco-friendly aesthetic even further, these decals include zero PVC and instead employ self-adhesive vinyl.

The next time you leave the room, hopefully the cute illustration of a hamster wheel will remind you to switch off the light.