"Love Me" Leaves by Kyung-Ah Park

 - Mar 24, 2008
References: yankodesign
Designer Kyung-Ah Park has come up with a very novel and amusing concept that goes to the heart of the environmental mess human behavior has wrought on the planet.

Caterpillars are known to feed on certain kinds of leaves and Kyung-Ah Park came up with the idea of squeezing honey on the leaves to spell specific words or phrases. The caterpillars eat away the parts of the leaf with the honey and the resulting perforations show the spelled words. What I can't understand is why the caterpillar won't touch the other part of the leaf without the honey. Anyway, the message delivered is not that caterpillars are bad and should be exterminated. It is simply a way to send a message of ecological awareness. A sort of SOS if you will sent by one of the many species that face extermination in the not-so-distant future.