Nambian Solar Chimneys to Power City After Sunset

A gigantic solar tower project has been proposed for Nambia, Africa by intellectual property company Hahn & Hahn. If built, each will be 1.5km tall and 280m wide. The base will measure about 37-square km and will do double duty as a greenhouse.

Solar power is likely our best planetary bet for energy independence. The drawback is that solar power requires the sun to shine. Once the sun has set, there is no power source. There is a way around, however.

As the sun shines, the energy is stored in the crust of the earth as heat. During the night, the heat radiates from the warm earth to the cool air above. This creates convection currents and a low volume ‘wind.’

By channeling the air movement though chimneys, low-revolution turbines can be turned by the updraft to create power production at night.

The video above is a demonstration of a solar tower project in Spain.