Greenpeace’s Eco Commercial is Sure to Cause Quite the Controversy

 - May 26, 2013
References: youtube & popsop
Greenpeace Australia’s anti-Coke eco commercial showcases a disturbing facet about the well-known soda company. The campaign aims to inform citizens about the destructive nature of Coca-Cola’s plastic bottles.

The video first begins with the facade of a regular Coke commercial, but shortly after several birds are shown dropping from the sky. Afterwards an entire field of birds that have died due to plastic bottle caps are featured. A close-up of a real bird that died due to Coke’s bottle caps is highlighted, which provides viewers an intimate view about Coke’s detrimental products. 

The ‘Stop Trashing Australia’ ad showcases the detrimental effects that plastic bottle caps have in the local environment. The video includes a caption urging viewers to visit the Greenpeace website and sign petitions to MPs.