This Earphone Organizer Takes the Shape of a Frosted Treat

 - May 23, 2014
References: mochithings & ohgizmo
Earphone organizers are often ignored, but can be a godsend for those that have long cables or really bad luck when it comes to keeping their cables untangled. Earphone organizers come in many shapes, sizes and, in this case, even flavors. The Doughnut earphone organizer is just that, an organizer for cables that comes in many different colors.

The worst thing next to having one of the ears on your earphones die on you is having the cords incessantly tangle up. The ironic thing about it is that these problems often happen because of each other. The doughnut earphone organizer can get rid of one of these problems, which can, in a roundabout way, get rid of the other as well.