The Eco EALO Concept Car is Highly Sensitive to its Surroundings

The development of motorized transportation immediately caused a deflection from more biological means of travel, though an example like the EALO concept car shows how society is starting to look back to nature.

Korean Kookmin University industrial design students Sang Jun Lee, Kyung kuk Kim and Seong Been Lim developed this incredibly responsive electric vehicle for urban and rural driving. The automobile's outer membrane is thin and perforated to mimic the permeability of human skin, and the feature renders the overall structure much lighter. The form is aerodynamic, the wheels are flexible, the chassis is elastic, and the open frame means the motorist is simultaneously outside and inside.

A conveyance that absolutely adapts and reacts to its atmosphere, the Evolving Artificial Living Organism (EALO) concept car may be the Ford of the future.