This Dynamic Faucet Takes Comprises a Jointed Arm for Convenient Flexibility

 - May 22, 2017
References: brizo & design-milk
You will immediately notice a few extra moving parts associated with this dynamic faucet, yet the advantages of this clever design are not obvious at a glance. Brizo's Artesso tap was modelled on the iconic Luxo lamp with its craning extension, facilitating a broad range of angles. The overarching part that you see is actually a pliable pipe that can be directed anywhere inside the sink, thanks to the dextrous design.

Accompanying the sharp industrial appearance of the single handle articulating kitchen faucet is the invisible technology that makes it all the more functional. When your hands or full or you've made a mess, you can simply tap anywhere on the head of the fixture and the touch-sensitive feature will turn on the water. This dynamic faucet reminds us that the most commonplace of objects especially should be regularly reconsidered for improved usability.