The Dyke Bike References Dyson Bladeless House Fans

 - Sep 11, 2011
References: coroflot & yankodesign
Designer Imran Othman’s Dyke Bike is an unfortunately named concept motorcycle with an amazing designed. The Dyke Bike (get your giggles out now) is modeled after the Dyson Air Multiplier technology used to create the brand’s famous bladeless fans. The bike is powered by electricity and uses air to both right and propel the bike.

The Dyke Bike uses air pulled through its front and rear holes to right the bike and propel it forward. The need for a hole in the front is what gives this bike its unique, one-wheeled design. The handle grips are located along the front of the vehicle and the feet rests are located in the rear.

As it stands, the Dyke Bike is probably far too futuristic to ever go from concept to reality anytime soon. Still, it's exciting to see designers refashioning cutting-edge technology from other industries to design the motorcycles of the future.