The Dutch Windwheel Combines Wind Turbine and Tourist Attraction

 - Feb 25, 2015
References: thedutchwindwheel & gizmag
The Dutch Windwheel is a concept, proposed for the city of Rotterdam, that will generate huge amounts of wind energy while also housing apartments, a hotel and a massive rollercoaster ride. Talk about versatility! The Dutch have long used windmills to harness energy, but this particular concept aims to take windmills and their uses to a completely untouched level.

The outer ring of the Dutch Windwheel will house 40 pods on rails that slowly move around the ring, providing views of Rotterdam and its port. The inner ring meanwhile houses 72 apartments, a 160-room hotel and a panoramic restaurant. The turbine itself is completely bladeless.

The Dutch Windwheel is a ridiculously ambitious concept as it aims to bring together energy harnessing, accommodation, commercial space and touristic attraction. However it's also a great example of dreaming big and aiming high.