This Ad by 'Duram Smart Paints' Displays Extreme Waterproof Features

 - May 2, 2013
References: bestadsontv
If you've ever painted a house you know that it is essential that the product be waterproof to protect your home from any water damage from the rain, and this 'Flood' ad by Duram Smart Paints aims to showcase that their product is able to withstand any extreme circumstance, including a mass flood.

The creative advertisement is simple yet effective. It displays the image of a wide-open ocean, with the top of a chimney slightly sticking out with smoke emanating from it, as if the house were still functioning. The bottom of the ad states, "Waterproof. No matter what," which aims to show the customer that this product is tough enough to sustain water damage from the most extreme circumstances, such as water encompassing your whole house.

If you have ever doubted whether a particular product would be able to withstand heavy-duty water damage, this ad for Duram Smart Paints will surely put your mind at ease.