Dude Foods Adds Crunch to This Ice Cream Sandwich With Hot Oil

 - May 7, 2016
References: youtu.be & dudefoods
Dude Foods is a celebrated experimental and gluttonous food blog that often plays with bringing together unlikely flavors and textures and this ice cream sandwich is no different. The nostalgic dish is creatively deep fried to add crunch and create a contrasting combination between frozen and crispy.

The sandwich consists of two chocolate chip cookies that are battered in egg and Panko bread crumbs before being dipped in a hot oil fryer. Then the deep fried cookies are topped with a thick slab of ice cream in the centre. The ice cream begins to melt on contact from the heat of the fried cookies, so the dessert must be enjoyed immediately.

The Dude Foods blog also shares a video on how to make the fired ice cream sandwich, so consumers can attempt making it themselves at home.