This Stylish Rain Jacket is Capable of Drying Itself in Mere Seconds

 - Dec 7, 2015
References: falyon & psfk
The 'SDJ-01' is an high-tech rain jacket that is capable of drying itself in mere seconds. While there are a number of tools designed to keep consumers dry, there is still the issue of drying these items once they are fully soaked. This innovative jacket provides a solution for avoiding the hassle of airing out wet garments.

The SDJ-01 is a self-drying jacket produced by 'Falyon.' The high-tech rain jacket is made with built-in air amplifiers, which use extreme pressure to redirect air. The concentrated air is then used to dry the jacket from the inside out. The air amplifiers run on a rechargeable power cell that is also built into the jacket. Although the power cell can run for as long as 30 minutes, the jacket is capable of drying itself in a matter of seconds.

The self-drying jacket provides the perfect solution for combating rainy days.