The Dry WC Waterless Toilet Makes Eco Johns Appealing

 - Jul 19, 2011
References: cristiancorcuera & tuvie
Composting toilets are not new, but the Dry WC Waterless Toilet marks the contemporary effort to making eco-friendly plumbing more attractive to the general public. At them moment, that majority of such fixtures can only be found in self-sustaining off-the-grid homes.

But with an attempt to bring the environmentally responsible concept into the city, designers Cristián Corcuera Coutiño and Oscar González Muñoz have given their invention a stylish polish and an attempt at a more hands-off means of maintenance. The prospect of disposing of one's own digestive waste products may still be repulsive to some, but for those who can stomach it, there is much to admire about the efficiency of this appliance. The Dry WC Waterless Toilet separates solids from liquids to produce a pathogen-free organic compost, while cutting household water consumption by up to 30%.