The Drop Urinal Greatly Increases the Atmosphere of Men's Restrooms

 - Sep 14, 2012
References: & industrialdesignserved
"Exquisite!" is not the sort of exclamation that you would probably ever expect to overhear in the male bathroom, yet this dignified design concept certainly rouses this type of reaction. The Drop Urinal appears to have been treated like a sculpture first and an amenity second, yet the way that it functions looks to be firm.

Whether he was or not, Mateusz Chmura seems to have been inspired by the elegant form of an antique pipe. The object begins narrowly at its tip and gracefully broadens to an open bowl. It's mounted on the washroom wall so that it formally behaves like an exaggerated drip of water running downwards with gravity.

Even the practical experience of using the Drop Urinal is improved. The drain is out of sight and an automatic flush valve is integrated.