The 'Drop the Beat' AirPlay Speakers Were Inspired by Natural Shapes

At first glance, the 'Drop the Beat' AirPlay Speakers appear streamlined, modern and like the products of clean, contemporary design; however, in the process of developing them, Vincent Säll did draw inspiration from forms found in nature.

Consider a raindrop falling into puddle; the conical shape that bounces back up from the water's surface is similar to what you'll find at the base of these little amplifiers. Furthermore, the elegantly lengthy dimensions of the music-emitting units were mapped out based on the golden ratio.

Hang the delightful 'Drop the Beat' AirPlay Speakers from the ceiling in singles or clusters and they'll throw clear audio out through their bottoms. The sound waves bounce off of the cone-shaped components, resonating in a stimulating way that's matched visually by their vivid colors.