‘Drop of Water' Necklaces by Karl Oskar

 - Dec 28, 2008
References: karloskar.net & design-milk
Swedish artisan Karl Oskar has tackled the challenge of creating glass objects, but does so on a small scale with his ‘Drop of Water’ necklaces.

Oskar’s water drop jewelry designs aren’t just limited to the ‘Drop of Water’ necklaces. Also shown is the frosted version of the necklace, recycled glasses and his ‘5-second plates.’ For these 5-second plates, small sketches are scanned into a computer, patterns are cut into glass sheets by a water jet cutting machine and are then heated to create the plate.

Not only is Karl Oskar talented, he is also a humanitarian; three euros are donated to UNICEF’s ‘Project for Clean Water’ from the purchase price of each necklace.