Drive-By Shooting by Scot Sothern Captures Personal Moments in LA

The Drive-By Shooting photo series offers a rare glimpse into the lives of people living in Los Angeles. Despite being outdoors where anyone and everyone can see them, people often feel a sense of anonymity while walking around a big metropolis and so often engage in personal moments right there in the open. The Drive-By Shooting series captures these candid moments from the shotgun seat of a car.

Shot by photographer Scot Sothern, the Drive-By Shooting series not only enables him to document these intimate scenes, but also to take them in the first place. He reveals, "I’m getting old, I walk slowly and with the aid of a cane, but strapped in the shotgun seat of a little Toyota Scion, a trusted driver at the wheel, I can zoom and focus and pull the trigger from a dead start up to eighty miles an hour."