'Drinkify' Matches Your Music with Delicious Drinks

 - Nov 10, 2011
References: drinkify.org & blog.thephoenix
If you find yourself bored with your current alcoholic beverage of choice, or you're looking to expand your bartending skills, new website 'Drinkify' might just be exactly what you need. Blending just the right amount of swanky cocktail knowledge and pop culture, the site quickly allows users to access a new drink suggestion based on the music they're listening to.

Created in just 24 hours at Music Hack Day Boston 2011, Drinkify uses Last.fm and The Echo Nest to access information about the artist, soundtrack, and even comedian you've got playing. After quickly entering the name of your fave crooner, you're given a recommendation for their signature drink, such as 'The Beyonce,' which consists of Hennessy, Fassionola, and Metaxa. As an added bonus, the results page even plays the music of your favorite performer while you jot down the recipe.

For anyone looking to spice up their next gathering, Drinkify is a must-see! Check it out for yourself, and try not to over-indulge in 'The Rihanna,' or whichever rocking recipe you choose!