Dream Sequence 2012 by Madame Peripetie Focuses on a Floral Motif

 - Nov 28, 2012
References: madameperipetie & facebook
As per usual, photographer Madame Peripetie has put together another fantastical photoshoot titled Dream Sequence 2012. Harking back to one of her earlier series simply titled Dream Sequence, this one is not as disturbing. Instead, the futuristic tribal aesthetic that is present throughout lends a raw beauty that is only perpetuated by the model herself.

Shot in studio against a black backdrop, the Dream Sequence 2012 photo series revolves around the use of real flowers and floral prints. Whether paired with tusk-like headgear or vibrantly hued clothing, the flower motif breaths a surreal sense of life into the images. The London-based photographer, who also art directed the photoshoot, has quite the imagination, which she is able to bring to life herself through this medium.