Drawings by Tobias Hutzler is Strikingly Simple

 - Jul 26, 2013
References: tobiashutzler & fubiz.net
Light graffiti has been done in a multitude of ways, but its application in Drawings by Tobias Hutzler, a photographer born in Germany and based in New York City, brings it to new heights. Although rather subtle and simple, the use of the bright lights against a clear but epic landscape is visually striking. In a way, people might think that a photograph had been marred by mistake.

Treating landscapes as various canvases, Drawings by Tobias Hutzler has an otherworldly element to it that many people will be drawn to. Residing in between the worlds of fantasy, sci-fi and art, the images will inspire imaginations to flourish. As written on his website, Hutzler "captures the pulse of our constantly moving and morphing culture."