Transform Your 2D Hand Tracings by Learning to Draw 3D Hands

 - Jan 28, 2014
References: handimania & gizmodo
Take tracing your hands to the next level by learning how to draw 3D hands from the people at Handimania.

As kids growing up, it was not uncommon for us to trace our own hands;for some of us, it was even the first piece of real art we did. This DIY tutorial puts an exciting and colorful spin on a childhood arts and craft project by teaching us how to turn our plain 2D project into vivid 3D works of art. A surprisingly simple task, all you need to do is trace your hand, making sure to include a little bit of wrist. Once that’s done, take a marker and draw lines going horizontally across the page, then fill in the gaps with three different lines of colored markers being sure to repeat the same order of colors.

When you’re finished, your flat hand drawing now looks like it’s coming out of the page. Congratulations, you’ve just learned to draw 3D hands.