Doris Kim Sung's Work with Thermo-Bimetals is Inspired by Human Skin

 - Oct 28, 2012
References: ted & core77
Floor to ceiling windows might be coveted for the spectacular views they offer, but Doris Kim Sung shows the world just how ineffective they are when it comes to ventilating a building. She has been experimenting with thermo-bimetals, which are two layers of metal that expand and contract in response to temperature at different rates, to essentially create metal that breathes. By doing so, Doris Kim Sung envisions walls that can shade a room from sun and self-ventilate.

Having majored in Biology and pursued architecture, Doris Kim Sung has combined her two interests to develop this unique thermo-bimetal system. An assistant professor at USC, she was inspired by human skin and grasshoppers. She observes, "[Skin is] the first line of defense for the body. Our building skins should be more similar to human skin."