This Doghouse Diaries Sideburns Guide is Up Close and Personal

This Doghouse Diaries Sideburn Guide is a hilarious run-through of what a man might be trying to communicate with his facial hair.

From short and classic to long and bold, all lengths are discussed in this adorable comic, and several implications are drawn from each style choice. The comic itself, which features only black and white coloring, is understated and uncomplicated. Featuring only one sideburn that's been divided into carefully selected sections, this is an easy-to-follow and comedic illustration. The general takeaways from the graph is that those with short sideburns are more likely to be uptight and no-nonsense, and those with long sideburns are thought to be obsessed with fantasy novels.

As silly as this piece may be, the result is an impressively lighthearted and whimsical illustration that will resonate with plenty of viewers.