Whiplash Is New Taco Johns Mascot

 - Aug 11, 2007
References: whiplashrides
The tiny Capuchin is the monkey equivalent of the Marlboro man, except instead of endorsing cigarettes, he’s promoting fastfood joint, Taco John’s. The little guy has won the hearts of so many adoring fans and is starting to get international recognition.

Check out the commercial at the bottom to see his stellar rodeo skills as he rides on the back of a Border Collie.

Riding since he was two, (he’s 18 now), Whiplash is one of the biggest little monkeys in the world. "His riding ability is unmatched and his herding skills unchallenged, but whiplash never misses a chance to show his monkey heritage. As he rides the dog he will pull the saddle from side to side and even hang off to one side, mimicking an Indian hideaway." So says his official home on the web, whiplashrides.com.