Marketers Realize Homes Have More Pets Than Kids

 - Aug 23, 2007
References: dogcars
A recent study showed that more households have pets than they do children. It makes logical sense then that people considering the pet-friendly features of a vehicle before making a big purchase. Just as parents check for safety features for their kids (child-locks, sufficient seat belts, windows that only go down halfway, etc.), they are looking for qualities to ensure maximum comfort for their pooches too. is a special site dedicated to reviewing cars from a dog owner's perspective. The rating system is done in paws, making four-paws the highest quality.

The 2007 Dodge Nitro, for example, got three paws. "The Nitro has an innovative roll-out platform â€" the Load 'N Go â€" that allows you to load up without leaning over and in, which as all we boomers know is the prescription for a back injury. Once you're loaded up, the platform rolls easily back into the cargo bay. This is one of the niftiest features I've ever seen, and I immediately used it to load 50 pounds of dog food into the back (total capacity for the platform is 400 pounds, according to Dodge.) I lifted the box with my knees, set it on the platform and rolled the platform in. How cool â€" and safe â€" is that?"

"Other pet-friendly features include second-row seats that fold completely and easily flat, and recessed cup-holders that deter a paw in the latte," they reviewed. "Ground clearance is good enough for a turn down a bumpy road, but probably not for serious cruising to off-road dog-related events."