This Doctor Who Graphic Lists the First & Last Lines of Each Doctor

 - Jan 6, 2014
References: bigshinyrobot & mightymega
Fans of cult classic Sci-Fi hit Doctor Who are all abuzz over the latest 'regeneration' of its title character, and this Doctor Who graphic chart commemorates all of the characters' incarnations past and present. The departure of Matt Smith's 11th Doctor and the introduction of the newest incarnation of the alien time traveler marks the 12th time the role has been recast since the show began in 1963. This Doctor Who graphic chart marks the first and final lines of each Doctor as heard on the television show.

These memorable quotes range from the comedic to the sad and the dramatic. Each actor's lines are unique and indicative of their rendition of the character. This Doctor Who graphic proudly marks the most historic moments the show's 50 year history.