Medical Fashion

 - Sep 18, 2007
Fashion trends don't just change in our personal life -- corporate attire and work wear move with the times too. Doctors in the UK will no longer have to wear the iconic white lab coat when practicing.

"Now condemned as a harbinger of infection, some NHS trusts have already banned the garment on the wards and the government expects all to follow suit by January," the BBC reported. "The irony is that the white coat was first introduced in the 19th Century in part to prevent cross-contamination."

So if we want to dress up as a doctor on Halloween, what on earth will we wear?

"From next month, all junior doctors starting work at West Middlesex hospital will be provided with tunic-style uniforms in bright blue - made of an 'infection fighting' material. It is apparently sleeveless, roomy, and the large pockets within it are trumpeted as a particular boon for the female staff."

So how will we tell them apart from the nurses? And what about Dr. House? Is he going to be changing his attire on the hit TV show, too?