This 'Do You Love Science?' Graph Points You to the Right Career

 - Aug 11, 2013
References: planetseed & dailyinfographic
"Do you love science?" That's the question posed by Planet Seed in their new infographic.

While science is often understood to be an industry wherein most people spend their days shut up in a laboratory looking through a microscope, Planet Seed wishes to dispel this common perspective in favor of a more adventurous outlook.

The 'Do You Love Science?' graphic asks the reader a series of questions. Follow the arrows based on your answers, and you'll find the career for you. Do you like sea animals? Maybe you could become a marine biologist. Do you love volcanoes? Perhaps seismology is more for you.

With this infographic, Planet Seed has carefully organized a ton of varied interests, making it easy for budding science lovers to figure out where their passions lie. Even if you've never considered science as a career option, this infographic might just change your mind.