The DKNG '27 Club' Prints Feature Tragic Pop Culture Icons

The DKNG '27 Club' prints pay homage to the heroes of the musical world. The '27 Club' is a list of musicians who met their demise at the tender age of 27, often due to self-destructive lifestyles. Most recently added to the list was the troubled artist Amy Winehouse.

Dan Kuhlken and Nathan Goldman of DKNG Studios came together with a powerful passion for music and design. The '27 Club' prints directly represent their dedication to the world of excellent tunes and badass leaders of the musical world. Bringing together their unique visions and skills, the team created the series with a minimalist twist. Each print could easily be transitioned into portraiture. The detail is simple, but spot on, making each star easily recognizable. The warm tones used are nostalgic, and remind viewers of a drug-hazed afternoon.