This DIY Bar Cart Project Adds Style to At-Home Drink Servers

 - May 17, 2014
References: theeffortlesschic
While going out for a night on the town is always a fun adventure, there's something about at-home gatherings that's sometimes more alluring, and this DIY Bar Cart activity is a great way to make at-home festivities easier to handle.

When it comes to serving drinks, particularly of the alcoholic variety, guests tend to get overly energetic, which makes the potential for messes and spills more likely. Having a bar cart however, allows party hosts to manage and transport drinks and other necessities around the house with ease, catering guests in a much more efficient manner. This DIY activity offers consumers the chance to spruce up their ordinary bar carts with more pizzazz, adding a unique personal touch to these ordinarily mundane products.

Featured on the blog 'The Effortless Chic,' this DIY Bar Cart project will definitely make casual at-home gatherings more visually entertaining.