Disturbia Clothing Embraces Edgy Slogans in its Designs

 - Jan 20, 2014
References: disturbia
The UK-based alternative clothing label 'Disturbia Clothing' loudly and proudly embraces individuality through its angry, anti-corporate sloganeering and imagery. The cult-like clothing line was born in 2003 and it spun into popularity when a controversial t-shirt design included a Coca-Cola parody slogan that read, "Always commercial to the Core, Humanity will be happy the day the last bureaucrat is hung by the guts of the last capitalist." The edgy and witty imagery always creates a buzz, like the punked-up Mickey Mouse skull printed tee that said "Want Disturbia."

Disturbia Clothing is always different and never mainstream, exuding the gothic hipster persona. The often dark tones subliminally depicting the dark side of popular culture by parodying and replacing iconic imagery and childhood nostalgia with angry slogans. Disturbia Clothing plays on Antisemitism, rejecting restrictive ideologies, in true Punk-Goth like fashion.

However, the recent 2013/2014 collections have "lightened up" by infusing dark and light tones, paired with hints of neon color. Disturbia Clothing accomplishes the Uber-British punk DIY look to a T.