This Ilustrations Showcases Disney Personalities Sensitive to Animals

 - Nov 13, 2015
References: buzzfeed & buzzfeed
Many of the classic Disney films showcase the central human Disney personalities and interacting with animal characters throughout the storyline. As a comically cruel twist of fate, design intern Andrew Richard from BuzzFeed showcases what the films would look like if the main characters were actually allergic to animals. The images showcase the various princess crying, puffy and with runny noses as they interact with their animal best friends.

Disney films often feature animals in them, making these illustrations of sensitive princesses destined to have allergic reactions. The superimposed scenes show princesses such as Jasmine with Raja, Ariel with Flounder, Pocahontas with Flit and Belle with the Beast sickly suffering while their allergies take hold. The scenes showcase the princesses smiling while they ooze bodily fluids, hold boxes of tissues and shed a lot of tears.