Dirittura d’Arrivo by Mezzapelle And Deriu is Chaotic and Terrifying

 - May 7, 2013
References: mezzapelle-deriu & beautifuldecay
It wouldn't be at all surprising if people engaged in some superstitious activities such as throwing salt over their shoulder or carrying around a rabbit's foot after viewing the Dirittura d’Arrivo sculpture. It simulates a terrifying plane crash in which the hull has been ripped in half mid-air. People flying out in the near future may want to avoid seeing the Dirittura d’Arrivo exhibit altogether.

The Dirittura d’Arrivo sculpture was created by artists Lara Mezzapelle and Giacomo Deriu, who used 3D modeling software to plan it and prototyping lasers to cut the nylon material. Suspended from the ceiling with countless strings, the sculpture is full chaos in the form of panicking passengers, flying luggage and mangled metal.