This Digital Street Lamp is Made from 1,500 Handcrafted Crystals

 - Oct 1, 2015
References: & wallpaper
The 'Ommatidium' is multipurpose digital street lamp that has been created for London Design Week. The ingenious structure was designed by Samuel Wilkinson with the help of neuroscience professor Beau Lotto. In creating the Ommatidium, Wilkinson wanted to create a multipurpose landmark which acted as a sculpture, digital street lamp and community notice board.

Its complex construction includes 1,500 hand-made crystal prisms that are able to beam down colorful rainbows. The impressive sculpture is paired up with a noticeboard app that can display various multimedia like music and pictures. The Ommatidium's built-in WiFi ensures that not only is the visually interesting, it also has the capability to bring people together. What makes the Ommatidium a true example of modern art is its commitment to not only aesthetic pleasure, but social connectivity as well.