This Ad for the 'FOODsniffer' Likens Food Poisoning to an STD

 - Oct 12, 2016
References: myfoodsniffer
Don't trust your nose because a digital nose by the name of 'Foodsniffer' is here to fight any kind of "Spoilage Transmitted Diseases." This crazy ad is here to make you look at food poisoning in a completely new light.

Developed in Europe using Swiss technology, the Foodsniffer is a handheld device for scanning meat, poultry and fish. After a scan, it can instantly tell if you still can eat whatever is on your plate or just bin it. So it might help you fight food waste as well.

To promote its invention, the company decided to reimagine food poisoning as an STD. The hilarious yet disturbing ad is filled with a tremendous amount of puns and not only visualizes these Spoilage Transmitted Diseases but shines a light on dangers in your fridge. As the ad reminds: "Always sniff before you swallow."