The Digital Newspaper Holder is More Up-to-Date Than Printed Press

 - Apr 18, 2014
References: & psfk
As long as there are still newspapers around, many establishments (especially those in Switzerland) will continue to offer newspaper holders; but to keep up with the times, they should opt for a few Digital Newspaper Holders. They may look like the traditional sticks that make reading the printed press easier, but they have been embedded with red LED lights that scroll with breaking news.

Created by Jung von Matt/Limmat and Neue Z├╝rcher Zeitung, the Digital Newspaper Holder brings attention to the paper's online counterpart. It does an amazing job respecting "the old ways of reading while promoting the advantages of the digital format, such as its capacity to be more timely," notes Psfk. The updates, that often flesh out stories in the printed paper, are obtained from an RSS feed.