LocalLove Brings Communities Together Through Events & Media

 - Apr 12, 2018
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LocalLove is an affirmation-based and community-supportive digital magazine project by United Way. The idea behind the initiative is to bring about a more cohesive and welcoming social environment by connecting people, motivating change and offering ways for individuals to "live well and do good."

United Way Greater Toronto launches its digital magazine this month, featuring stories on local changemakers, opportunities to contribute to the well-being of the community, as well as challenging existing problematic notions. Dedicated to fostering a warm social environment and giving a sense of agency to members of the community, LocalLove.ca will work closely with individuals in the Peel, Toronto and York Region. Without a doubt, the digital magazine publication will be a helpful tool for connecting residents and giving them that little bit of extra strength on rainy days.

Image Credits: Leenadra Cianci