These Digital Earplugs Eliminate Noise Without Music

 - Feb 11, 2014
References: & damngeeky
If you've ever been on a crowded train or bus and worn your headphones just for a little much needed silence, then you're sure to appreciate these Digital Earplugs that cancel out surrounding noise without having to mask it with music. Able to eliminate up to 90% of crowd noise, the Digital Earplugs are able to distinguish between a friend calling your name or your cellphone ringing, which means that all unnecessary sound will be eliminated, but what you need to hear won't be.

The Digital Earplugs run on a single AAA battery, which will provide up to 100 hours of noise cancellation, which could mean several months of peaceful commutes for urban dwellers. Releasing in March, the Digital Earplugs offer seclusion without the need for blaring music or traditional earplugs.