The Call Me Animal Drink is a Dairy-Free Alternative for Dietary Restrictions

 - Dec 19, 2015
References: blackmarketny & coolhunting
For those consumers that enjoy creamy cocktails but have lactose dietary restrictions, the Call Me Animal drink served at Black Market offers a buttery alcohol beverage with a base made from cashew milk. The sweet drink features festive flavors and healthy ingredients blended with a shot of rum.

Milk-based cocktails are a popular choice for many consumers, leaving those with vegan or lactose dietary restrictions unable to enjoy them. This nut milk option is ideal for such situations, when consumers are seeking a creamy alcoholic drink that doesn't contain any dairy. The Call Me Animal drink features a shot of white rum blended with homemade cashew milk. The nut milk is made from soaked cashews, vanilla, dates, cloves and cinnamon to add spice and flavor to the creamy beverage.