Diesel Health & Safety Procedure

 - Feb 7, 2008
References: youtube
We've featured Diesel fashions, shows and ads on Trend Hunter so often; we just can't get enough of their viral qualities.

The latest TV spot is called Diesel Health and Safety Procedure. It's a silly video detailing the potential hazards for Diesel shoppers, including emergency procedures and tips like, "Don't try on high heels near small domestic animals."

The disclaimer at the end reads:
Diesel disclaim any responsibility for any harm incurred whilst shopping in its stores, including, but not limited to: injuries or death resulting from robberies gone wrong, staff members going postal, revenge attacks by disgruntled former employees, unforecast hurricanes, acts of God, acts of Satan, acts of any deity or suprahuman being, alien invasions, shark attacks, meteorite showers and plagues of locusts. Run for your lives.

The campaign includes retro images Diesel has proven to have an affinity for. Remember the disco dancers?